Tricks of the Trade: How to Ice Your Coffee

by Paul Massard, Bean Hunter

There are a few different schools of thought on how you should make iced coffee. The first being the conventional method in which you make coffee just like you would as if you were to drink it hot. Then you merely let it cool slightly, so that the ice doesn’t melt and dilute your tasty beverage, and then serve it over ice. The second way to brew iced coffee is to use the Toddy brewer, which is my favorite way to prepare this beverage. The Toddy brewer uses cold water and much longer steep time (12 hours) to brew a 3-to-1 coffee concentrate. There is some controversy in respects to this brewing method due to the fact that the cold water used to brew does not extract the essential coffee acids that are extracted during the traditional coffee brewing method (the use of water between the temperatures of 195 and 205ºF and a brew time of 4 to 6 minutes). This makes the coffee profile very different than if it were brewed using the conventional method, giving it a slightly different character. I personally enjoy the difference in character which is usually a deeper heavier body and a wide array of complexities, with my personal favorite coffee to be using in a Toddy, currently being our Jambo Estate of Kenya. The Toddy brewing method is also recommended for people with stomach troubles (who are sometimes told to drink less coffee!), as this method does not extract the acid making the coffee easier on the stomach.