Try Our Kenyan and Ethiopian Reserve Blends Before They Run Out!

We are excited to offer our latest shipment of reserve coffees here at The Roasterie!  The Kenya Nyeri Peaberry and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Ayinage Reserve landed at the plant about 2 weeks ago…and the new shipments are going fast!  Our Bean Hunter, Paul Massard, discovered these wonderful treasures on his last trip to Africa and we can’t wait for you to try them.  

Kenya Nyeri Peaberry – This coffee has that unique champagne-like acidity that truly great Kenyan coffees are known for.  You will also find strong notes of black currant and sweet ripe cherry with a honey-like sweetness that lingers on your pallet long after the last sip.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Ayinage Reserve – A sweet and delicate cup, a clean black tea-like body and mild, citric acidity with notes of ripe citrus and sweet red berries.

Remember, reserve coffees only exist in limited quantities so hurry and order these before they’re gone!