Try Our Newest Reserve – the Ethiopian Kilenso

Our selection of available Reserve coffees is constantly changing and we’re excited to announce the newest addition – the Ethiopian Kilenso Natural Reserve.

From a small town in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia comes this sweet natural coffee selection, the Ethiopian Kilenso. The mill operator Aklilu Kasse takes great care in the selection and processing of all coffee received at the milling station.  Many of the farmers in the area produce very small quantities of cherry, so it is very beneficial to have a central milling station with a manager that demonstrates the highest of quality standards. Natural processed coffees are difficult to achieve without fermented fruit, but if it is well cared for and monitored, a coffee such as the Ethiopian Kilenso is achieved, presenting  attractive juicy-fruit aromatics.

Kilenso means “wind”. Natural means “natural”.   On the other hand, natural food and natural coffee are two different things. Natural foods generally mean it has undergone a minimum amount of processing or treatment with preservatives. Although natural coffee can go by several different names – like natural processed, unwashed or dry processed – it all basically means the sun has done all of the processing. Although it is a simple process, it’s not easy. To create naturally processed coffee, hundreds of coffee cherries are spread out in the sun, which are then turned by hand to make sure they dry evenly and to prevent mildew. This process can take up to four weeks to get the coffee cherries completely dry. (That’s a lot of turning!) If all goes well, natural processed coffees deliver unique and amazing flavors

The Ethiopian Kilenso Natural is a perfect example with its rich sweet red fruits in the aroma with juicy body, hint of strawberries, and pleasant acidity. Just like our other Reserve offerings, we only have a limited quantity in stock. Act fast and order online to try at home or stop by your favorite Roasterie Café and try it!