US Coffee: What’s Coffee From Hawaii and Puerto Rico Like?

Americans love their coffee. Every day, over a 100 million Americans drink coffee and we spend $4 billion a year annually importing the best the world has to offer. But what many Americans forget is that some of the best beans the world has to offer are grown on American soil. The state of Hawaii and the territory of Puerto Rico are both located in the famous Bean Belt and produce some high quality coffee beans.

Hawaiian Coffee

Not long ago, coffee was grown all over the Hawaiian Islands, as this region contains the perfect climate for beans to flourish. But as Hawaiian tourism and population grew, coffee farming moved to the Kona (Big Island) region. Our very own Kona-grown coffee, Kona Extra Fancy, is known for its light and crisp body, full rich mouth feel and sweet nutty aftertaste. It is able to achieve this perfect balance thanks to Hawaii’s growing conditions and hard-working farmers.  Mauna Loa volcanic soil provides many nutrients and fertile soil.  When paired with warm tropical mists, coffee bean magic happens.

Puerto Rican Coffee

Though not entirely American soil, Puerto Rico is still an American territory. Much like Hawaii, Puerto Rican coffee flourishes thanks to its tropical climate and nutrient-rich volcanic soil. Coffee arrived in Puerto Rico in the 1700s and became the island’s principle export not long after. In the coffee growing mountains there is a town called Yauco. Famous for the beans it produces, this town gained the nickname, El Pueblo del Café, which translates to “The City of Coffee”.

Believe it or not, coffee comes from very different regions all across our planet—including the United States!  Be sure to check out where our coffee comes from by viewing our coffee origins.  And always remember, our coffee will always be air roasted and blended to perfection—no matter where it comes from.