[VIDEO] The Roasterie Bean Hangar Opens Its Caffeinated Doors

We love a good party as much as the next person.  But what do we love even more than parties?  Coffee-inspired parties!!

For those of you who haven’t noticed (and we honestly don’t know how you couldn’t have!), we have done quite a bit of revamping to our renowned coffee factory.  In fact, two weeks ago, we opened our Bean Hangar doors to the public for the very first time!  Welcome to The Bean Hangar, The Roasterie’s new event space in Kansas City!

As you can see, we know how to throw a great party—and we want to throw one with you!  The Bean Hangar Kansas City event space is now open to the public for wedding receptions, corporate get-togethers, birthdays, holiday parties and much, much more.  We want to make your event party or get-together the most fun ever.  Simply call us at 816-931-4000 or shoot us an email at info@theroasterie.com to book this Kansas City event space!