Want to Find Your Favorite Coffee Blend? Try The Bean Navigator!

Just like Plato’s story that every person on the planet has another half, we believe the same about coffee.  In fact, the notion that some people “don’t like to coffee” is always a tough one for us to swallow (luckily we have tea and treats in our cafés!). Personally, we think that these non-coffee-drinkers just haven’t found the right blend to unlock their taste bud chastity belt quite yet!

We want every single person to find their own perfect coffee.  And so, we give you The Bean Navigator!  Designed by our Q Grader, Paul Massard and a few of our friends over at Emfluence, The Bean Navigator is a virtual master key for anyone’s mouth lock. No matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced coffee connoisseur, the Bean Navigator will guide you to coffee bliss.

How do you use the Bean Navigator?  It’s easy!

  1. Choose which level of coffee expert you are–are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced (we bet most of you are in the beginner to intermediate range!)?
  2. Select the taste attributes you like best!
        1. For beginners:  Do you like a lot of body in your coffee?  How sweet do you like your coffee to be?
        2. For intermediate: Select the body and sweetness of your coffee and then kick it up a notch with how much brightness you want your taste buds to experience.
        3. For advanced: Select the amount of aftertaste, balance, body, brightness, cleancup, complexity, flavor, fragrance and sweetness you want your coffee to have.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced coffee connoisseur or someone looking to explore the perfect blend for your tastebuds, anybody can become a cup master thanks to our Bean Navigator!

Why are you still reading this!?  Head on over to The Bean Navigator and unlock your mouth!