What Exactly Is Micro-lot Coffee?

Let’s say you have an apple orchard. A majority of the trees on the orchard produce great apples. However, in one area of your orchard, there is this one spot where the apples are amazingly great. The trees in this little area produce crisper, juicier apples than the rest of the orchard. Generally, all of the fruit from the entire orchard is mixed and sold together, putting the best apples in with the ones that are more standard. 

But what if you pick out the best apples on their own before they go to market to sell them separately?  That’s the idea of micro-lot.

Coffees that fall under the micro-lot banner are different in their uniqueness and flavor.  They are just “special”.  We love our micro-lot coffees…and we think you will too.  Don’t be shy.  Give any of our micro-lot coffees a try (but we suggest you try one of our two favorites, listed below!).

Costa Rican La Pira Typica – This is a fully-washed coffee that was made into a micro-lot from a larger lot by separating the Typica varietal.  There are only two bags of this coffee this year and we have both.  The Typica is regarded as one of the most complex varietals because it has a very low yield, which means that all of the trees’ energy is shared among fewer berries.  This coffee is a favorite of our Bean Hunter, Paul Massard, as it embodies what a Typica should taste like—candy sweet, complex spice notes and a nice solid body, with notes of candied citrus, tobacco/pepper spice and a nice cranberry/raspberry on the finish.  Click here to try it yourself!

Costa Rican Las Lajas – There’s only a small amount remaining of our Las Lajas Honey-processed coffee!  This is the sweetest and most complex coffee in our current offering.  With complex sweetness, our Costa Rican Las Lajas boasts a combination of wild honey and hard candy.  It is also full of clean grapefruit notes and finishes crisp and clean like an un-oaked Chardonnay.  Click here to get it while you still can!

If you’re fortunate enough to try our micro-lot coffee before it sells out (or we drink it all), consider yourself a lucky duck. If you’re anything like us, we’ll know you’ll fall in love on the first sip and be hooked by the second sip. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!