Who is Pat? Roasterie Ghost Stories

We’ve been placed on alert today at The Roasterie. Norm “Stormin Norman” Killmon our Master Roaster has notified us that he’s been having some strange experiences similar to the many that happened at our old plant at 2601 Madison. We were doing some reminiscing about every thing that happened at the Madison location and as we wonder if the ghost we lovingly called “Pat” (named after the Saturday Night Live character because we aren’t for sure if they are male or female) may have finally found us nearly four years later a few blocks away on 27th street so we thought we’d start sharing a few of the stories occasionally on our website. We’ll post these in a “Captain’s Log” format straight out of the journal we kept for years at the Madison Plant. Hopefully Pat has found us and we can add more wonderful occurrences to the journal!

Wednesday January 14th, 2000 6:30 a.m.

I closed the door by the receptionist desk and while standing in the hallway heard the door in the back office close ever so gently. Norm

Monday July 3rd, 2000 10:00 a.m.

Sitting in my office I was thinking and I absent mindedly hit my metal ruler against the desktop. I lay it down and started writing when the sound of the metal ruler echoed again. The ruler did not move but it was the same sound. I know there is nothing else that could make that sound. Norm

Tuesday July 11th, 20006:30 p.m.

Everyone but Sally had left for the day. Construction on the flavoring room started this week. I was out at my desk (in the sales area) finishing up and I kept hearing what sounded like corrugated metal or plastic panels being shaken. It wasn’t thunder…I think Pat is maybe upset over the remodel/changes to the plant. Tooti

This is just a short sampling of the history of “Pat”. Most everyone that worked on Madison had some kind of experience. Pat’s presence was felt by most everyone in the building whether they had an actual sighting or had Pat slam doors or other objects around them. Check back soon for more “Pat” posts.

Pat if you are reading this, Norm misses you, visit soon!