How It All Began
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Since the very beginning, our core purpose has been to source the finest coffees we can find in the world, roast them the best way possible, and deliver to our customers as fast as humanly possible—all while facilitating extraordinary coffee experiences along the way.

Our Origin Story

On November 22, 1978, Danny O’Neill picked his first coffee cherries as a foreign exchange student in Costa Rica. Right then and there, he fell in love with it all—the country, the people, and especially the coffee. 15 years later, Danny founded The Roasterie in the basement of his Brookside home in Kansas City. From the very beginning, it just made sense to offer direct trade coffee, partnering directly with farmers as much as possible and paying above market value in order to secure the best coffees and develop longstanding, mutually beneficial supply chain relationships. Direct trade makes more sense today than ever before. This year, about 80% of our coffee by volume will come from farms and producing communities that we're heavily invested in and committed to long term. It's these enduring relationships that are the backbone of all that we do; from finding delicious coffees to serving them in our Kansas City cafés.

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Our Community

We've been a locally owned and operated company since our inception in 1993. The same dedication and passion we have for developing relationships with coffee producers is put into building long-lasting customer relationships right here in Kansas City; many of which represent decades-old partnerships of serving excellent coffee to the local community.

In order to provide the freshest coffee possible, we deliver to customers as fast as possible with a next-day delivery model for local orders. In addition to serving Kansas City’s restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, hospitals, offices, high schools and universities, we also have six Roasterie Cafés across the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Serving air-roasted coffee, tea, and cold brew from the heart of the Midwest.

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Sourcing Coffee Sustainably

Today, direct trade makes more sense than ever. The Roasterie believes in partnering with farmers, millers and exporters in producing countries to build mutually beneficial direct trade relationships. This gives our coffee farmers peace of mind knowing that they have a trusted buyer from one year to the next. Having a dedicated partnership streamlines contracting and sales, allowing for more stable market prices and aggressive investments toward increasing not only product quality, but more importantly quality of life for producers and employees at the farm level. We pride ourselves on the diligence we put into sourcing the best coffees we can find from producing countries around the world and roasting them each uniquely and precisely to their potential using our state of the art Loring roasters.
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From the beginning, supply chain relationships have been the backbone of our success.

With more than twenty single origin offerings and countless blends in every style, find your new favorite coffee today!

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