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Kansas City’s Cold Brew

All-natural and crafted locally at our Factory in downtown Kansas City, each offering in our line of specialty canned Cold Brew coffee products is perfectly pure with no chemicals or preservatives and offers zero calories, carbs or sugars.
  • Nitro Cold Brew

    Nitro Cold Brew

    Our carefully selected, 100% natural Cold Brew, still perfectly pure with zero calories, carbs or sugars—Nitro Cold Brew offers a unique experience and taste with nitrogen infusion. When a Nitro Cold Brew can is cracked open, the widget in the bottom of the can is activated, allowing the nitrogen inside to cascade and form a thick, creamy head of micro-foam at the top of the can. You'll fall in love with it's creamy texture and flavor notes of chocolate and black cherry with a smooth, buttery body and a velvety cream-soda-like finish.
  • Signature Cold Brew

    Signature Cold Brew

    A carefully selected blend of the world's finest coffees, delicately roasted in our state-of-the-art Loring Smart Roasters, and steeped cold for 19 hours in our temperature-controlled brewhouse. Canned at our roasting facility in downtown KC, our 100% natural Cold Brew includes just two simple ingredients: coffee and water. With zero calories, zero carbs and zero sugars, you'll find it incomparably delicious with its rich, full body and notes of baker's chocolate, red cherry, and a soft caramel sweetness in the finish.
  • Chocolate Raspberry

    Chocolate Raspberry

    Innocent indulgence in a can. Enjoy our slow-steeped Cold Brew coffee with notes of decadent, rich chocolate complemented by the naturally tart flavors of fresh raspberry. With absolutely zero calories, carbs, or sugars, it’s as innocent as it is delicious. Treat yourself to our chocolate raspberry Cold Brew.


Just the world’s best coffee and crystal clear water. We’re proud to say that our entire line of Cold Brew has a clean label. With zero additives or preservatives, the quality of our product is what truly makes it shine. Because of this commitment to pureness and quality, our product must remain refrigerated at all times and is currently not available for online purchase; but if you’re near us in KC, come see us directly to the source! Tour our Factory and see Cold Brew at its inception.

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