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How It All Began

Kansas City’s Coffee Company since 1993

Since the very beginning, our core purpose has been to source the finest coffees we can find in the world, roast them the best way possible, and deliver to our customers as fast as humanly possible—all while facilitating extraordinary coffee experiences along the way.

On November 22, 1978, Danny O’Neill picked his first coffee cherries as a foreign exchange student in Costa Rica. Right then and there, he fell in love with it all – the country, the people, and especially the coffee.

15 years later, Danny founded The Roasterie in the basement of his Brookside home in Kansas City.

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At the Roasterie, we firmly believe that specialty coffee has the potential to flourish in healthy environments and support communities in sustainable ways. That's why we're dedicated to continuously pursuing the economic, social, and environmental dynamics of sustainability in order to protect local and global communities and build a more resilient supply chain for sustainable coffee.

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The past 25 years would not have been possible without the farms and families that we've worked with and the support from Kansas City. We love giving back to these cherished communities that have helped us to grow and make an impact on the world.

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Experience the Roasterie yourself

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