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Take your love of coffee to the next level

From seed to cup, everything you ever wanted to know about coffee

At The Roasterie, we are lifelong students of coffee. We’ve curated a library of resources to help inspire your coffee journey. From home brewing guides to coffees around the world, The Roasterie has you covered.

Coffee goes on quite a journey to get to you. Whether you’re looking for Coffee 101, brewing tutorials or are eager to learn about coffees around the world, start here with our resource library.

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No matter your manual brewing method of choice, we’ll help you master your home brewing recipes and techniques. Follow along with our demonstration videos and with just a little practice, you’ll be unlocking the full flavor potential of the world’s best coffees.

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Good for the heart in more ways than one, coffee can offer a variety of health benefits according to new research and studies.

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Perfect for groups large and small, come experience a behind-the-scenes look at all things coffee in one place.