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Our Sustainable Coffee Practices

We’re in the business of providing the highest quality product—now and for generations to come.

Today, direct trade makes more sense than ever

The Roasterie believes in partnering with farmers, millers and exporters in producing countries to build mutually beneficial direct trade relationships. This gives our coffee farmers peace of mind knowing that they have a trusted buyer from one year to the next. Having a dedicated partnership streamlines contracting and sales, allowing for more stable market prices and aggressive investments toward increasing not only product quality, but more importantly quality of life for producers and employees at the farm level.

We pride ourselves on the diligence we put into sourcing the best coffees we can find from producing countries around the world and roasting them each uniquely and precisely to their potential using our state of the art Loring roasters.

The Roasterie’s mission to source the finest coffees in the world in order to create extraordinary coffee experiences is only possible if all the links in this global, interconnected supply chain are supported in sustainable ways. We recognize that sustainability has a broad scope in the world of specialty coffee; its future is rooted in environmental concerns, like water conservation and soil quality, but also in social and financial dynamics that ensure every actor in the industry is supported and coffee production is viable for decades to come. We operate under an ethos of respect for growers and their good work in making systems as sustainable as possible, in the most holistic sense of the word.

Your Coffee Guide

Learn more about the journey our specialty coffee takes to get to you.