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Children’s Mercy Comfort Cup, inspired by Nora Jane

At Children’s Mercy, they believe every child deserves more. More life-changing research to fight rare diseases. More working together, with parents, schools, and our community. 

We are so proud to partner with Children’s Mercy Hospital and have the opportunity to serve and support families with children at the hospital through our café location, as well as coffee donations to the hardworking and deserving staff. 

Image of Nora Jane and her family

A recent initiative we’re excited to build awareness around is the Comfort Cup program in partnership with Children’s Mercy. This program was created in honor of Nora Jane, who was admitted to the Children’s Mercy NICU at six months old and went on to spend more than 159 days at Children’s Mercy receiving the highest levels of care. In the many days her parents, Mary and Brian,

spent at the hospital, they often looked forward to a daily cup of coffee or tea. To help Mary adhere to Nora Jane’s diet needs, The Roasterie altered their Lavender Mint Latte to include oat milk. Mary and Brian made it a point to spread kindness and often purchased coffee for members of Nora’s care team.  

Although Nora Jane’s life was short, Mary and Brian’s hope is for her legacy to live on through acts of kindness and love, which surrounded her days at Children’s Mercy. Her memory lives on and inspires hope and love in so many other families.  

As a tangible way to continue to legacy of Nora Jane, the Comfort Cup program was founded. When you order the featured Children’s Mercy Comfort Cup, a portion of your purchase benefits the Children’s Mercy Family Support Fund, taking care beyond medicine and providing comfort for families like Nora’s. 


Learn more about the Children’s Mercy Family Support Fund and donate today: