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How is Flavored Coffee Made?

As any coffee purist will tell you, the best way to enjoy a cup is straight. But not everyone’s palate is the same. Some prefer their coffee to have a hint of hazelnut or a smooth touch of French vanilla. Although we often take it black and straight, we also believe there’s something about the aroma, taste and warmth that flavored coffee brings. Sometimes, ordering flavored coffee can be tricky.  Not only are there hundreds of different flavor profiles to choose, you also want to make sure that those flavors are not masking the quality of the coffee bean (yes, many coffee shops flavor their coffee because they have low quality beans and with flavor, they taste better!).   But here at The Roasterie, we wouldn’t dare do that. We know that blending beans from all over the world results in great coffee—and we want our flavored coffee drinkers to experience that same rich, smooth and creamy taste that our straight coffee drinkers do. We always use the best beans in the entire world—and our flavored coffee beans are no exception. Our line of flavored coffees uses the best beans and best ingredients that money can buy. But I bet you’re wondering how we make it. Today’s your lucky day because we’re rolling back the (not so secret) curtain to give you some insight on how we make our flavored coffee. Coffee beans can be flavored a multitude of different ways. The most basic being the addition of spices to the coffee as it brews. But we like to take a different approach (as usual!). Here’s how we flavor our coffee beans:

How to Flavor Coffee Beans

  1. Select a blend of beans with the right flavor profile to perfectly accent a desired flavor.
  2. Select a highly concentrated syrup of the highest quality to infuse into the coffee beans
  3. Add whole beans straight from the roaster while they are still warm into a mixer.
  4. Add 3% of the weight of the beans in syrup (if we added more flavoring than that, the coffee wouldn’t taste very good—it would actually burn your tongue because of how concentrated the flavored syrup is!).
  5. Allow the syrup and beans to spin in the mixer for about 15 minutes.
  6. After 15 minutes, the beans have absorbed the syrup and its aroma.  Coffee absorbs the syrup so well because they act like mini sponges—it’s the beans’ microscopic porous texture that allow almost any flavor to be infused into it.
This simple process we use here at The Roasterie provides a delicious flavor-infused coffee that not only smells amazing, but tastes amazing too.  For those of you who have never tried any of our flavored coffees, it’s time to change it up. There’s a reason why our most popular flavored blend, Christopher Elbow, can’t seem to stay on the shelf. Try it yourself!