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Know your Dark Line

Specialty coffee is an interconnected world of farming, processing, roasting, and brewing. Each facet adds complexity and nuance to coffee, making it an experience of unlimited possibility. Roasting is a crucial part of the process and a pivotal point in bringing out the aroma and flavor that is locked inside coffee beans. Roasting involves different types of heat application to bring about chemical and physical changes in coffee beans. At The Roasterie, we exclusively air-roast on Loring Smart Roasters because they use convection heat application to caramelize sugars inside coffee and darken the beans during the roasting process. This delicate air roasting technique ensures that the coffee is roasted evenly, unlocking consistent flavors in each and every bean. Any given Dark Line coffee is roasted to 437-450 degrees, compared to 410-420 degrees for light roasts. Lighter roasts are known to have bright and delicate flavor profiles, while dark roasts create a bold, rich taste. If roasted too dark, the coffee can lose its distinctive flavor notes. The Roasterie quality assurance team closely reviews each and every roast, ensuring that the ideal flavor profile is achieved each and every time. The result? Dark Line coffee that exudes deep, bold flavors and a smooth, heavy body. While dark roast coffees are often thought to have less caffeine content when compared to a lighter roast, this is not necessarily true. As a coffee bean is roasted, it releases gas, loses density, and becomes lighter in weight. Despite these changes, caffeine compounds in coffee are stable enough that they do not burn off in perceivable quantities during the roasting process. You will enjoy the same energizing boost of caffeine in a velvety Dark Line coffee as a lighter roast! This highly demanded segment of coffee delivers strong flavors loved by many. You can learn more about dark roast coffees on our Factory tours. With tours every day at multiple times, there’s a perfect time for you!