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Same Brews, New Views

The same coffee you’ve always loved, now with a fresh look.

The Roasterie has come a long way in nearly thirty years as Kansas City’s Coffee Company with millions of cups brewed and lives impacted by the commitment to transparent sourcing, highest quality roasting, and the KC community. And now, as we look to preserve our history, we get ready to takeoff on our next adventure.

The Roasterie’s new design nods to the longstanding tradition of this brand with a modern feel. The DC-3 airplane atop The Roasterie’s Factory location symbolizes the journey from seed to cup, bringing in flavors from around the world to provide the best coffee to Kansas City.

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Your Grind

You’ll notice some new terminology while selecting your favorite grind. Don’t worry, nothing is changing! Just new coffee vocab to go with our new look. 

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Single Serve Revolution

Our fresh packaging isn’t the only eye catching innovation... We could not be more excited to share our new and improved single serve Roasterie Coffee with you! The new single serve is undoubtedly the best single serve experience you will have.

Our investments in technology are the first of its kind in North America, giving each of our pods 18% more coffee and the optimal grind size to produce the most efficient extraction rate in every cup of coffee. We’re proud and delighted to serve you this rich and truly quality single serve experience.


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A box of Betty's Recipe flavored single serve cups sits next to a k-cup style brewer, with a person's hand grabbing a mug of coffee. 

We thank you, all our dedicated Roasterie fans as we celebrate 30 years as Kansas City’s Coffee Company and embark on our next adventure. Grab a cup and join us on this journey!