I returned from a trip to Milwaukee last weekend and had the same thing happen that always happens, no matter where I’ve been: I fall more in love with Brookside.
A couple of weeks ago it happened upon my return from Peru. I usually love just about everywhere I go and usually end up saying something like “I could live here”. But once I land in KC and begin driving home, I’m always overrun with this feeling of gratitude and appreciation. I absolutely love it here! And the truth is we could live pretty much anywhere in the world that we wanted to.
Since 1991, Kansas City has been home and I’m reminded of how absolutely beautiful it is each spring. One forgets how many trees there are here (and why our power goes out so often :)) and how stunningly gorgeous they help make our city. And no matter how hot it gets in the summer, nearly every night is about as perfect as you could ever want.
This past Saturday when I arrived I took the kids and loaded them into the trailer, which I pull behind my bike. Terry insisted on tying up his wagon to the back of the trailer…and then putting his bike into the wagon! So there we went, down the trolley trail, much to the delight of all our fellow Brooksider’s.
Which brings me to the point of the people: aside from being overly friendly, culturally engaged and aware, successful, fun, community oriented…they are about as unpretentious as one can be. Our baristas serve some of the most successful people in Kansas City, many times never knowing this…and this is exactly how they want it…which makes it doubly cool. No pretence, no airs…all good.
Come visit soon! 🙂