Coffee 101: How to Use a Siphon

One of the things we love about coffee is its complexity.  What seems like a simple Cup o’ Joe goes through many steps and process to get that delicious taste we all love. We love using different methods to unlock different flavor complexities within coffee. One brewing method that yields exceptionally great coffee is the siphon brewing method.

Everything about siphon brewing is just plain cool—after all, it looks like a crazy chemistry lab experiment and the process completely defies gravity! Siphon brewing is similar to French press brewing in that they both fully immerse the coffee grounds into the water. But once the immersion is over, the two brewing processes look very different.  Brewing with a siphon is a full-on immersion of the senses and requires careful detail. But if done right, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best tasting cups of coffee you’ve ever had (thank you, siphon!).

Although the siphon process may seem complicated at first, after a few tries, making coffee with a siphon isn’t as tough as it looks. The only downside to siphon brewing is that because of its “complexity”, it takes a little longer than other methods and may not be the best choice if your daily routine involves a morning rush.

So how do you brew with a siphon?

Well, you can start off by putting on a lab coat if you’d like (hey, if you’re going to be “experimenting” with coffee, you might as well look the part!).  Then follow these 5 simple steps to perfect the siphon brewing method:

  1. Gather all your equipment. Place the filter in the top vessel and lock it in place. Don’t forget your stirrer, and make sure your heating element is fueled up and ready to go.
  2. Next, add purified water to the bottom chamber.  Then add the heat source of your choice, either butane or alcohol burners work and are fairly inexpensive, but if you’re willing to spend a pretty penny, this might suit your desires.
  3. Once the water is heated to a boil, add coffee grounds to the top vessel and insert the top siphon vessel into the bottom. We recommend trying our Don Quijote of Costa Rica during the siphon method (but put a good French press grind on it first!).
  4. Make sure to take a look at how the water in the bottom vessel defies gravity and climbs up the siphon tube to the top chamber when the process is underway.  Once there, stir the coffee slurry with your stirrer for about one minute.
  5. Once a minute has passed, remove the heat source. As the bottom vessel cools, the brewed coffee is pulled back down thorough the siphon tube by gravity and pressure.

When all the coffee is returned back to the bottom vessel, you should be left with an amazing cup of coffee and vacuum-dried grounds up top. Then, of course, give yourself a pat on the back! You just brewed coffee in the coolest, most advanced way possible; it’s like you’re a coffee science ninja!

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