Myth or Fact? Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth

Myth vs Fact: Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth

“Don’t drink that, it’ll stunt your growth!” is a phrase many kids hear when growing up.  As many of us can guess, the “that” being referred to is coffee.

But does coffee really stunt a person’s growth?  Is there any scientific evidence to back this statement, or is it merely a myth?

Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth?

Coffee does not stunt your growth. That’s right, it’s just a myth! It’s always best to ask your doctor if you feel you may need to cut back or stop drinking coffee. Source.

If you’re looking for proof that coffee doesn’t stunt your growth, just take a look at our founder Danny — he’s about 6’8 and drinks multiple cups of coffee every single day! Additionally, take a look at caffeine as a whole – kids have been drinking caffeine-packed sodas for years with no side effects (except hyperactivity). Caffeine’s effect of stunting growth is just another coffee myth.

How Did This Myth Start?

Like most old wives’ tales about coffee, no one really knows. The truth is covered by a thick layer of latte foam. The most common thought is that it came from the notion that caffeine may reduce bone mass.  Needless to say, the study that developed this research was flawed from the get-go as the participants were elderly people whose diets significantly lacked calcium.

As a matter of fact, many South American cultures embrace the idea of coffee and feed it to their kids and babies. In South American countries, milk for babies is often mixed with a bit of coffee right into the bottle!

If the idea of giving your baby coffee is a little too “out there” for you…that’s understandable. But what about mothers who breastfeed?  Are they allowed to consume coffee?

Can You Drink Coffee When Breastfeeding?

A study done by Brazilian researchers found that babies breastfed by mothers who drank coffee showed no side effects different from those whose mothers didn’t drink coffee.

Is coffee safe to drink at any age?

Yes. When compared to soda and energy drinks loaded with sugar and caffeine, plain black coffee is a much healthier option. Caffeine has no known side effects on the growth and development of anyone at any age.  The only caution anyone must take is consuming coffee when pregnant. Drinking any type of caffeine while pregnant has been shown to increase the risk of low birth weight.

In general, everyone’s bodies metabolize caffeine differently. But no matter what age, weight or metabolism level you are, coffee is perfectly fine to consume (although we’re not sure what type of parents would give their 6-year-old child an espresso…we all know they have plenty of natural energy!).