• notes of deep fruit and cocoa
  • smooth, creamy body
  • sweet with a maple finish

Colombia Pitalito Estate

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Colombia Pitalito Estate has been a Direct Trade relationship for over 20 years and has been a backbone to our coffee menu for just as long. One of our most popular single origin coffees and a component in some of our most popular blends including Kansas City Blend, Cold Brew and 40 Sardines, this coffee is a total show stopper with its winey characteristics and notes of caramel and red apple before a long, smooth finish.

*While your 2lb or 5lb coffee label may look different than you are used to, rest assured that it is the same great coffee. 


Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila
Elevation: 5,500-6,000 ft
Grower: Smallholder farms
Varietals: Caturra, Castillo, and Variedad Colombia
Processing: Fully washed and dried on patios

In the Huila region of Colombia lies the coffee producing town of Pitalito. Many years ago, when our relationship with the farmers of this town was first born, Pitalito was virtually unknown in the world of coffee; now it’s a world-renown source of amazing coffees. After spending weeks scouring Colombia to find the absolute best coffee it had to offer, Danny came across this quaint rural town – and was blown away by the quality and complexity of the coffee they had to offer. We immediately fell in love with the big, juicy body reminiscent of the best coffees of Kenya, and the mouthwatering flavors of red apple and caramel before a chocolatey smooth finish.

Over the decades, our partnership with the entire supply chain of this coffee – the farmers (about 100 of them), James at the dry mill in Pitalito, our friends at Condor who export the coffee, and our dear friend Felipe who imports it, has grown stronger and stronger. We’ve been fortunate enough to partner with each member of the supply chain and contribute to the construction and support of a youth center in the heart of Pitalito, where the kids in town can have a place to play soccer and basketball, socialize with one another and learn in a safe and fostering environment after school. We couldn’t be more proud to have the opportunity to serve this remarkable coffee to our friends here in Kansas City.