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American Restaurant Decaf


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American Restaurant Decaf

Type : blend | decaf

Roast : medium


This is the decaf version of our American Restaurant Blend, which was a collaboration with Kansas City’s famous American Restaurant in the mid-1990s. A group of the restaurant’s employees came over to The Roasterie and developed this custom blend specifically for their restaurant. Several years later the restaurant’s management was considering updating their coffee, so they assembled some of their favorite customers to come to the restaurant for lunch and a coffee blending session in hopes of improving the original blend. After sampling many different coffees in many different combinations, the group consensus was that the existing American Restaurant Blend was perfect, and they couldn’t imagine improving it! So the blend remains as it was since its inception, and although we can no longer enjoy the restaurant's food since their doors were closed, we still fondly remember it when enjoying this delicious blend.

Tasting Notes

Notes of stone fruit and apple; balanced with a medium body; rich and smoky in the finish.