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Brazil Fazenda Passeio Icatu

blackberry, brown sugar, citrus, milk chocolate and rich caramel

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Brazil Passeio Icatu Reserve Coffee

Brazil Fazenda Passeio Icatu

Type : reserve

Roast : light


This special Roasterie Reserve comes to us from our longest-standing farm partnership, Fazenda Passeio. Twenty-five years of sourcing coffee, supporting their community, and friendship, we are lucky to source this remarkable lot from Adolfo Vieira and his family, and we’re so excited to share it with you. The new Fazenda Passeio Icatu boasts uniquely beautiful flavor profile, truly encapsulating the hard work Adolfo and his family put into their craft.


Tasting Notes

Rich caramel sweetness creates a smooth and luxurious texture, balanced with hints of blackberry and citrus zest. Sweet milk chocolate and brown sugar flavors linger the in the aftertaste.