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Colombia Pitalito Estate Decaf

crisp, full body and smooth

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Colombia Pitalito Estate Decaf

Type : decaf | direct-trade | single-origin

Roast : medium


Colombia Pitalito Estate has been a Direct Trade relationship for over 20 years and has been a backbone to our coffee menu for just as long. A few times a year, we will send a shipment of this coffee through the Descamex Mountain Water Process plant in Veracruz, Mexico, to decaffeinate the coffee using their state of the art process. Totally natural with zero use of chemicals, Mountain Water Process yields some of the most outstanding decaf coffees every year and guarantees 99.99% decaffeination. Try our decafs, and you'll see that we take decaf quality just as seriously as any other coffee - you'll only find the best of the best in this line!

Tasting Notes

Notes of deep fruit and cocoa; bold and smoky with a heavy body; smooth with a lingering aftertaste.