5 Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee (And May Not Believe!)

Think you know everything about coffee?  We have no doubt that you may quite a bit…but here at The Roasterie, we know it all.  And we’re ready to divulge you in the top 5 things you probably didn’t know about coffee.  Some of them may be hard to believe…but trust us!  After all, we are the experts.

1.      Light roasts have more caffeine than dark roasts

We’ll start off with a simple fact—one that you may already be aware of.  Contrary to popular belief, thick, black coffee isn’t the strongest or most bracing brew.  Dark roast coffee, although the most popular type of coffee sold today, also holds lower levels of caffeine.  Dark roast and light roast come from the same coffee bean—the only difference between them is the temperature and time at which they are roasted.  But if you’re looking for that caffeine fix that you really need, it’s important to brew up a cup of light roast.

2.      Keeping coffee in the freezer will spoil the beans

Many coffee drinkers believe that if they keep unused coffee beans in the freezer, they will stay fresher, longer. But is this true or not? And if it is true, why don’t you find coffee in the frozen food section of the grocery store?

Coffee is extremely porous—meaning it absorbs other flavors very easily. Therefore, anything else that is in your freezer (seafood, chicken, etc.) can easily be absorbed by the coffee. Aside from absorbing nasty odors, the expansion and contraction of the beans (when taken in and out of the freezer) does major damage as well. We only recommend freezing coffee beans if you know you will not consume them within a 2 week period. We also recommend utilizing an airtight container and to avoid removing beans as often as you can—the less you remove the beans, the better.

3.      The valve on a coffee bag isn’t for smelling the beans

Ever notice a valve on your bag of coffee beans?  That feature is there for a reason…but it’s not a sensory reason!  Many people think that bags incorporate these features so that consumers can smell the beans before they purchase them.  Although, yes, the valve in the bag do allow consumers to smell the beans, there is another more important reason that they are there.

Freshly roasted coffee beans give off twice their volume in carbon dioxide.  Therefore, a roaster can do one of two things; 1. Pack the coffee in a bag totally unprotected from the environment (oxygen and moisture are coffee killers), 2. Let the coffee de-gas for a few days (go stale), or 3. Pack in a valve bag with nitrogen gas so that all moisture and oxygen is purged.  Without these tips, the coffee bag could literally explode off the grocery store shelf!

4.      It doesn’t take long to roast coffee

We pride ourselves on the taste of our coffee here at The Roasterie—and many people believe that in order to get this wonderful flavor, a lot of time-consuming roasting must be done.  But believe it or not, it doesn’t take very long to roast a batch of coffee beans.  In fact, it takes us anywhere from 9 to 13 minutes of roasting per batch.  However, it has taken us many, many years to figure out just how long each coffee should be roasted to its point of absolute perfection.  Here at The Roasterie, we have over 80 years of coffee roasting under our belts—and we believe that each bean should be treated differently—which is why we have dedicated a lot of years to roasting up the perfect beans.  And trust us, that has taken some hard work and time!

5.      Q Graders taste 90-120 types of coffee a day 

Have you ever had one of those days that no matter how much coffee you drink, you just need more?  Sometimes, we find ourselves drinking 6 cups of coffee a day (c’mon, we’ve all had those days!).   But could you imagine drinking 90-120 different flavors of coffee every single day?  That’s how much coffee many Q Graders drink on a daily basis (which amounts to about 20 cups of coffee every day!).  Our Q Grader, Paul Massard, has gotten used to this amount of coffee and can’t imagine not drinking his typical 20 cups.

Did we surprise you with any of these coffee facts?  There’s more where that came from!  We provide even more surprising coffee facts on our Roasterie tours!  Book a tour with your friends and family to not only learn some more secrets about coffee, but to get the behind-the-scenes look at our awesome coffee factory!