At The Pack Expo

I got to spend a few days this week in Chicago at Pack Expo, and I can say that it was an extremely large eye-opening experience. There are machines out there that will do pretty much anything: robotic arms that can be adjusted to move just a fraction of an inch, packaging machines that will form, fill and seal 160 bags per minute…CRAZY! It was definitely a mind-blowing experience. I also got to lose a few pounds by walking the good part of an 8-hour day. But, I was still a little disappointed because I had to leave for the airport and there was still a small part of Pack Expo that I had not yet made my way to. The past day and a half since my return has been crazy, but was highlighted by this morning’s cupping. It was the first time on record that Normie and I completely disagreed on a cup: he hated it and scored it an 85, and I absolutely loved it and scored it a 91. It was the largest disparity we have had in my year-and-a-half at The Roasterie. However, this is one of the great parts of tasting coffees. As Norm says, “We have 3 tasters and usually 5 different opinions.” If you’re looking for something to do this weekend you should stop by and see us at the Overland Park Convention Center through Sunday, or tonight at Missouri bank for First Fridays. Or, come by for our Saturday morning tour and learn everything you have ever wanted to know about coffee and more with Amanda and myself.

Paul Massard AKA The Bean Hunter