Coffee Obsession: Which Countries Drink the Most Coffee?

There are times where it seems as if you can’t drink more coffee than the Unites States does. We have a coffee shop on every corner, in gas stations and even in our offices. We like our coffee made in different ways, too—dark, iced, with cream and sugar, latte, with whipped cream, even as a frappucino. But believe it or not, even with all of the different coffee concoctions we enjoy here in the US, we are not the biggest consumers of coffee.

The United States is the 25th biggest consumer of coffee and consumes about 4.2 kg per capita per year. That means that other countries sure are caffeinated, aren’t they? But which countries can’t seem to get enough coffee?

 1. Finland
Finland truly takes the cake when it comes to coffee consumption. The country almost triples the US’s coffee consumption and goes through about 12 kg per capita of coffee every year! The reason coffee is such a big deal in Finland is because it fits in with many different Finnish customs, rituals and superstitions.          FUN FACT: Coffee cannot be grown in Finland!

2. Norway
At 9.9 kg (or 349 ounces) of coffee drank per capita per year, Norway averages about 6 cups of coffee per person every month. Coffee plays a major role in the social realm of Norway. There are many Nordic coffee traditions including kaffeslabberas, which is an informal social gathering in which coffee and cake are served.

3. Iceland
Iced coffee, anyone? The great country of Iceland is 3rd on the top 5 list of coffee consumers with 9 kg (or 317 ounces) of consumed coffee per capita per year. That means that every person drinks about 5.2 cups of coffee every single month. Iceland is also known for consuming an abundant amount of sugar (maybe that’s what they’re putting in the coffee!).

4. Denmark
Weighing in at 8.7 kg of coffee per capita per year, Denmark takes 4th on our list. Black coffee is famous in Denmark. The government actually controls all coffee consumption in Denmark which increases consumer confidence in the beverage.



5. Netherlands

8.4 kg (or 296 ounces) of coffee per capita later, Netherlands takes 5th. It has been found that coffee is the absolute favorite hot drink of Dutch drinkers, and each person consumes at least a few cups of coffee per day. Most drink their coffee two ways: black or espresso.

There’s a reason coffee is the second most traded and valued commodity in the world—and these five countries will attest to that (and gosh, I guess we will too!).