Congrats to the 12th Semi-Finalist in The Roasterie Adventure!

We are thrilled to announce our 12th Roasterie Adventure semi-finalist!  Congratulations to Oliver Sheley of Independence, MO (but also West Des Moines, IA and Columbia, SC…he travels a lot!).  You’ve been entered to win a coffee bean-picking trip to Costa Rica!

The Roasterie has been a part of Oliver’s life since the 4th grade.  As a student at Buckner Elementary school, Oliver had the chance to take a tour of The Roasterie plant when he was just a 4th grader.  And this school field trip eventually spurred into a huge passion for Roasterie coffee.

It wasn’t until recently that Oliver became a huge coffee fan.  He had tried coffee for years and years and just couldn’t develop a taste for it.  He even tried a variety of different coffees when traveling in Europe.  But nothing tasted quite right to him…until he tried The Roasterie Christopher Elbow Chocolate blend.  Today, Oliver can’t get enough of the stuff!  Oliver began ordering Roasterie coffee to his building (“annex style”) in South Carolina where he was located for the Air Force.  Eventually, Oliver joined The Roasterie Captain’s Club so he can order as much Christopher Elbow and his other favorite, the Kansas City Dark Blend, as he wants.

As a prior member of the Air Force and current pilot of the Kansas National Guard, Oliver only found it fitting to portray his love for aviation and coffee in a picture and submit it for The Roasterie Adventure.  According to Oliver, getting this photo wasn’t easy.  Out of the 100 photos he and his girlfriend Annie took with their GoPro, only 2 turned out!

Oliver is thrilled to be a semi-finalist for The Roasterie Adventure and hopes to win the trip to Costa Rica.

“Other than experiencing Costa Rica, I would love to see how The Roasterie does business,” explains Oliver. “I would love to see how The Roasterie sources its beans and runs a successful business.”

If Oliver does win the bean-picking trip, he plans to take girlfriend Annie (pictured above) with him.  This would be a return trip for Annie as she studied abroad in Costa Rica not too long ago (sounds familiar!).

In addition to being prior Air Force and current National Guard, Oliver is also a Roasterie brand advocate.

“Being in the military, you meet people from all different walks of life.  I take pride in being from the Kansas City area and I am always talking about The Roasterie.  Why drink horrible coffee?  Why not experience something as great as The Roasterie for just a few dollars extra?  I always try to spread the word about this great Roasterie coffee.”

Oliver will join the following Roasterie Adventure semifinalists for the chance to win a bean-picking adventure in Costa Rica and other great prizes:

  • Matt Johnson, Independence, Missouri
  • Ashli Salman, Overland Park, Kansas
  • Jeff Garfinkle, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Lisa Finholm, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Lara Carlson of Alma, Arkansas
  • Jason Ebberts of Overland Park, Kansas
  • Jaime Sheickert of Prairie Village, Kansas
  • Mandi Anderson of Lenexa, Kansas
  • Amanda Loftin of Shawnee, Kansas
  • Holly Urkevich of Kansas City, Missouri
  • Sara Danner of Raytown, Missouri

Haven’t heard of The Roasterie Adventure?  You need to get on board!  In honor of our 20th anniversary, we are running a photo contest in which participants are entered to win a trip for two for coffee bean-picking in Costa Rica (and many other prizes).  And there’s only 2 more chances left to become a semi-finalist (that’s right–the contest ends on June 30 at midnight!).

The Roasterie Adventure asks participants to submit a photo that portrays the Roasterie brand in day-to-day life (through the Roasterie name, logo, product, café, factory or other representation).  After submitting, participants must encourage their friends, family members and loved ones to publically vote for their photo.  The fourteen photos with the most votes (plus an extra winner from The Roasterie’s recent Mug Shot Photo Contest) will advance to the semifinal round.  A final winner will be selected by The Roasterie staff, including Bean Baron Danny O’Neill, in July of 2013.

The Roasterie Adventure will run from January 1, 2013 until June 30, 2013.  Time’s running out! Upload your favorite Roasterie photo at and then vote for your favorites!