Fasten Your Seat Belts! A Trip Across the Bean Belt

The DC-3 airplane isn’t just the essence of the iconic Roasterie brand—it’s also the mode of transportation that will take us across the world’s Bean Belt today! That’s right! It’s time to fasten your seatbelts because we’re taking you across our favorite region in the entire world—the Bean Belt.

The Journey Begins: What Is the Bean Belt?
The Bean Belt is a horizontal strip across the globe in which almost all coffee plants are grown. The Bean Belt is the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn and stretches from the Eastern border to Mexico to the shores of New Guinea and all places in between. The Bean Belt even includes the state of Hawaii—the only US state that grows coffee (Puerto Rico grows coffee as well).

We’re Half Way There: Why Does Coffee Grow in the Bean Belt?
The Bean Belt provides the perfect climate for coffee beans to grow. Much like the production of cocoa, coffee needs a very specific climate and environment in order to grow. All countries located in the Bean Belt provide a tropical climate with both rainy and dry seasons. The Belt’s weather patterns are temperate, allowing pickers to gather coffee cherries during the dry season.

Completing the Adventure: The Bean Belt Countries
Almost all coffee comes from one of the countries located in the Bean Belt. These include:

1. Hawaii (US)
2. Mexico*
3. Cuba
4. Haiti
5. Dominican Republic
6. Puerto Rico (US)
7. Jamaica
8. Venezuela
9. Brazil*
10. Guatemala*
11. Honduras
12. El Salvador
13. Nicaragua
14. Costa Rica
15. Panama
16. Colombia*
17. Ecuador 18. Peru
19. Bolivia
20. Sudan
21. Cameroon
22. Cote D’ivoire*
23. Sao Tome e Principe
24. Angola
25. Zimbabwe
26. South Africa
27. Yemen
28. Ethiopia*
29. Kenya
30. Uganda*
31. Burundi
32. Tanzania
33. Madagascar 34. India*
35. Vietnam*
36. Philippines
37. Indonesia*
38. Papua New Guinea

*A top 10 coffee bean producer!