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Tours & Classes

Can pre-ground coffee be returned?

There are no refunds or returns on any pre-ground coffee.

How does the plane connect to your coffee?

The plane on our roof not only represents our air-roasting technique, but also symbolizes adventure and the American spirit that this company was built upon.

What is your pastry selection?

We proudly serve Ibis Bakery pastries and breads as well as offer breakfast sandwiches, assorted muffins, Star Bars, and Meat and Cheese Packs across all our Roasterie Café locations.

Can you ship your cold brew products?

Per FDA regulations, because it is 100% pure with zero additives, our Cold Brew has to be kept cold at all times. Therefore, we currently only distribute our product regionally and do not have the ability to ship individual orders.

Do you offer client/corporate gifts or wedding favors?

We do in fact have small 1.75oz bags that are perfect for wedding favors or corporate giveaways. Pricing is based upon quantity, and for no additional charge we offer custom labels! It is super simple and easy process we provide the specs, you create a label, and we customize the bags for you!

Do you offer barista classes?

Yes, we host a Barista Experience class on the 4th Saturday of every month at 3pm. We also offer a variety of fun, educational classes to expand your coffee knowledge. To learn more, visit

Can I change the product on my subscription?

You have control of your subscription. You can change the product, pause it, or add more coffee!

When are your seasonal blends available?

We have two seasonal blends offered each year. Autumn Harvest is available September-October and Holiday Blend is available November-December.

What kind of plane is on your roof?

Our plane, Betty, is a real life Douglas DC-3 aircraft and was placed on top of our roof back in September of 2012.

Do I have to sign up ahead of time to join a Factory Tour?

Tours are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Your may reserve a spot online or by calling us at 816-931-4000.

Can my free sample following a tour be traded for another drink?

Coffee samples cannot be swapped for any other beverage, but you're welcome to pass on any of the samples offered to you.

What can I expect on a Factory Tour?

Your tour experience will begin with a short video about the history of coffee and the story of The Roasterie. A knowledgeable tour guide will take you on a walk through our production floor where you will see our roasting, blending, and packaging processes. The experience will conclude with a how-to brewing demonstration and sampling of our line of cold brew coffees.

Which alternative milk options do you offer?

All of our cafes offer soy milk, oat milk, coconut milk and almond milk.

What are your cafe hours?

Hours vary from one café to the next. Visit to find the hours of operation at your café of choice!

Do your cafes offer free wifi?

Yes, all café customers will be given access to our complimentary wifi.

Where can I find calorie counts for your menu items?

Our menu with calories is available for viewing on the Cafés tab of this website. Scroll down and select "Explore of Café Menu" for access. Our café baristas also have access to this information and are happy to provide you with a copy of our calorie counts upon request.

What are your cafe holiday hours?

Holiday hours are unique to each café and can be found on our website by visiting

Can I bring my pet into the café?

Per the Kansas City Health Department, animals, except for service animals, are not allowed inside our cafés. However, our ample patio seating at cafes throughout town is a perfect place to bring your pet.

Can I reserve space for a meeting or event?

While seating in our cafes is typically first come first serve, we are eager to see how we can help coordinate your group within our space. Email as far in advance of your group’s event as possible to request a reservation.

How do I find the closest café to me?

A list of cafes with locations can be found by visiting

Can The Roasterie donate to our charity/event/fundraiser?

All donation inquiries can be directed to our Factory office by calling 816-931-4000 or by emailing