Increase Creativity & Productivity with Coffee Shop Sounds

It’s 3:00 at the office and you’ve just hit a brick wall.  There are a few ways to get out of the 3:00pm lull: grab another cup of coffee, go for a brisk walk around the office or give up and rest your head on the desk for a quick nap (with the hopes of not getting caught!).  But an even better solution is to avoid the afternoon crash all together.  How?  The answer is a coffee shop.

Recent studies have proven that certain levels of ambient noise, like the chatter and sounds that come from a coffee shop, actually increase creative flow in the brain. With the right amount of quiet comfort and workable sound, the level of creativity and productivity tends to rise.

The level of productivity and creativity works best when noise is at about 70 decibels.  The funny thing is that by barely exaggerating the level to 85 decibels or by decreasing it to 50, we miss out on the encouraging distraction of such noise.  Most research that has been done over the years has focused on how loud noise disrupts and stifles creativity, thus causing us to assume that a quiet environment is a creatively happy environment.

But thanks to the noise to creativity connection we’ve found in our coffee shops, we now know that this is a wrong assumption.  A coffee shop’s moderate level of noise can actually assist in any sort of work, whether it be content development, brainstorming or any other sort of creative endeavor.

The ambient noise present in a coffee shop environment is almost always at the best level for an enhanced degree of work. Lucky for us, Kansas City has lots of coffee shops at our finger tips, including three of our very own!

And guess what? You don’t have to go to a coffee shop to get this great ambient sound and creative juices if you don’t want to!  There is a new website called that will play coffee shop sounds for you as you work!  Pretty impressive, huh?

Want to increase your level of creative productivity?  Work from one of our Roasterie cafés!