Roasterie Coffee Spotlight: Natural Coffees

A big trend recently has been to seek out more natural foods and products. While the emphasis on “natural” may seem like a new way to view the world, it’s actually the oldest way to process coffee. Just take a look at The Roasterie’s Ethiopian Natural Sidamo Reserve and our Costa Rica Natural Don Quiote Reserve. They may convince you that natural is the way to go.

Natural Coffee Explained

When we talk about “natural” food or coffee, it generally means it has undergone a minimum amount of processing or treatment with preservatives. Although natural coffee can go by several different names – like natural processed, unwashed or dry processed – it all basically means the sun has done all of the processing.

Although it is a simple process, it’s not easy. To create naturally processed coffee, hundreds of coffee cherries are spread out in the sun, which are then turned by hand to make sure they dry evenly and to prevent mildew. This process can take up to four weeks to get the coffee cherries completely dry. (That’s a lot of turning!)

If all goes well, natural processed coffees deliver unique and amazing flavors. Natural coffees offer hints of juicy, sweet fruits with a full and complex body. Plus the acidity of natural coffee is pleasant instead of overpowering.

How The Roasterie Does Natural Coffee

At The Roasterie, we are carrying two amazing reserves that demonstrate the best of what natural coffee can do.

Ethiopia has a very long history of coffee production. It’s one of the countries with perfect conditions for growing and processing coffee, which is why it’s especially known for its natural coffee. So, if you want a taste of history and all that perfectly prepared natural processed coffee has to offer, pick up The Roasterie’s Ethiopian Natural Sidamo coffee.

But if you’re feeling adventurous (and you probably are), give our Costa Rica Don Quijote coffee a try. The Costa Rica Don Quijote is a great example of how natural processing has been applied to a coffee-growing region typically known for its washed coffees. Although Costa Rica didn’t originate natural processing, it’s natural coffees taste just as delicious.

Ready to go natural with your coffee? Get the world’s best natural coffees today!