Sights And Sounds of SCAA 2014 Day 1:

The first day of the SCAA Annual Exposition, The Event  has just begun for The Roasterie representatives Jon Ferguson and Simeon Bricker.  The Event provides qualified information for all things coffee.  They have built a reputation over the last 30 years of providing tools for everything coffee professionals need to reach their goals in the coffee industry. Here is a sneak peak of what our coffee enthusiasts are up to from Professor Bean Simeon Bricker:


Today John and I started off the day talking about and working on our Aeropress Championship strategy. We did a few samples and were happy with the results. The picture posted this morning is our brew bar setup in the hotel.

We then grabbed some breakfast and hailed a cab to take us to the City Market at Pike St. We stopped into Seattle Coffee works and cupped coffees samples from Royal. We had some excellent Guatemala’s on the table with a unique sweetness. We also got to meet a lot of folks from growing countries. I spoke briefly with Jim from R&D at Dunkin Donut’s, you can tell Normy that he remembers their trip to Costa Rica and had good things to say about Norm.

Jon talks with Max, from Royal at Seattle Coffee Works.

Our Host, Sebastian, the green bean buyer at Seattle Coffee Works

Jon, cupping at Seattle Coffee Works

After the cupping we headed to the Washington State Convention Center to check out the US Coffee Championships Arena. Jon would be competing at 4pm local time on the Cup Tasters Stage. I got to practice at the Dalla Corte booth for a little while. I watched some of the competitors in the US Latte Art Championship from today. They had some good pours on stage and the Art Bar. I met a barista named Row who is competing in the USLAC and he’s from Honolulu Coffee Company. We made a connection as he works with Paul Massard (small world).

I will be on stage at 12:03 local time tomorrow (Friday).

We finished the day here with Jon competing in the Cup Tasters Championship. Sadly he was not able to get into finals. He scored 5/8, on a hard table of triangulations.

I will be on the Art Bar at 10:39 tomorrow local time.

The USCTC stage

Jon Begins

Jon picks from the second Triangulation

1 of 5 red dots that Jon saw on his selection