The Top 3 Countries for Picking Coffee Beans (From The Roasterie’s Q Grader!)

We all hear about the richness of Costa Rica coffee, the flavors of Jamaican coffee, even the boldness of Puerto Rican coffee. Each country may boast its own unique coffee beans, and many are absolutely delicious. But we’re picky here at The Roasterie—we want our beans to be the best. That’s why we rely on our Q Grader, Paul Massard, to help us pick the best coffee in the entire world (yes, you can go ahead and refer to us as coffee snobs).

Where does the best coffee in the world come from? Our Q Grader himself reveals his top 3 preferences:

1. Kenya
Kenya was the first coffee bean picking trip that Paul had ever taken—making it one of the coffee countries he holds near and dear to his heart. Kenya struck a chord with Paul Massard not just because of the full bodied, acidic and pointed fine flavor of the coffee he found there, but because of the culture of the Kenyan people. The coffee farmers of Kenya were some of the nicest that the Q Grader has ever had the pleasure of doing business with.

2. Colombia
Colombia’s Arabica coffee has been recognized worldwide as having the highest quality and the most distinctive taste. Colombian coffee is extremely balanced with good body, brightness and flavor. It’s Colombia’s unique topography that allows for the farming of a perfect coffee bean. But it isn’t just the Colombian coffee beans that make this country a favorite of our Q Grader. Paul also calls the city of Barranquilla, Colombia home.

3. Brazil
Paul’s third and final favorite coffee picking country is Brazil. Brazil was the very first coffee picking country that Paul had every visited without our Roasterie Bean Baron, Danny O’Neill. But during his trip to Brazil, Paul learned more about the advanced state of the coffee industry than ever before. Brazil was by far the most advanced country that Paul had ever visited for coffee-picking. Our Q Grader was exposed to some new coffee technologies. Brazil is one of the largest producers of Arabica coffee—in fact, Brazilian coffee is in almost every espresso we drink!

Although there may be hundreds of coffee countries in the world, these four countries are by far our Q Grader’s favorite coffee bean-picking locations. But since we’re always on the lookout for even tastier, bolder coffee flavors, who knows? Paul’s top 3 could change come next harvest! We’ll keep you posted.