Try Our New Spring Sensation!

Blazing sunshine. Ice tea. A comfortable patio. Yeah…you could say we are ready for spring weather (if it ever decides to hit Kansas City). Though we consider ourselves coffee experts, every once in a while we find ourselves craving an iced tea.  So with this in mind, we came up with a delicious and fresh tasting iced tea for you to enjoy on those hot spring days.

If you are a tea lover this is the drink for you! The soothing aroma is a well-known remedy. The taste of sweet lavender is very refreshing and is sure to keep you relaxed all day long.  Being able to breathe in the instant calming effects of this plant is truly one of nature’s wonderful gifts. We hope that the tea lovers out there will appreciate the aromatherapy benefits and beauty of the Chilled Lavender London tea.

Try our new spring sensation at all of The Roasterie Cafes today!