We Love Our 20-year Customers!

We would not be where we are today without our team, collaborators and supporters.  But perhaps, most importantly, we would not be in existence today without our customers.  Our customers are the pulse behind The Roasterie and without them, we would not be celebrating our 20th Anniversary.

A few weeks ago, we hosted an event at the Bean Hangar that brought together our customers who have stuck with us for the entire 20 years we’ve been around.  If it weren’t for these individuals, we would not be where we are today.

So in honor of our 20th Anniversary, we would like to thank the following customers who have been nothing but wonderful to work with throughout the past two decades:

  • The American Restaurant
  • Andre’s Confiserie Suisse
  • Ball’s Food Stores
  • The Best of Kansas City
  • Bristol Seafood Grill(Leawood & St. Louis)
  • Central Exchange
  • Classic Cup Cafe
  • Eden Alley Cafe
  • Espresso Ah La Cart
  • KCUR
  • Kaner Coffee
  • Marsh’s Sunfresh Market
  • McGonigle’s Market
  • Missouri Bank
  • St. Peter’s Parish
  • Boulevard Brewing Co.
  • Kansas City Zoo
  • Hallmark
  • Kauffman Foundation
  • Rockhurst University
  • Californos Restaurant
  • The Q Hotel & Spa
  • Lon Lane’s Inspired Occasions
  • Necco Coffee
  • Browne’s Irish Marketplace

There is something to be said about the customers mentioned above.  Oftentimes, business owners and CEO’s credit the first customers as the ones who make or break a new business.  We could not agree more.  Our first customers are those who have believed in us from the very beginning (yes, even when Danny was producing Roasterie coffee from his Brookside basement!).  These customers believed in us, supported us and partnered with us for the long haul.  There is not enough we can do to say thank you. We don’t know where we would be today without you!