What Coffee Blend Should I Drink in the Summer?


Happy first day of summer, coffee drinkers!  That’s right–June 21 is the official first day of summer across the United States.  Time to celebrate with fireworks, cookouts and…coffee?

Who says you can’t drink coffee in the summer?  Believe it or not, we have delicious coffee concoctions just for the summertime! As a matter of fact, we are fully stocked with our delicious Never Summer Blend!

The Never Summer Blend has a great story behind it. As you’re probably aware, summers in Kansas City can be unbearably hot at times. So cold drinks are a must when it comes to beating the heat. Since hot coffee tends to be at the bottom of the list of drinks to quench your thirst during the summer, it only seemed prudent to create a coffee that tastes absolutely exceptional when ice cold!

Therefore, we created the Never Summer Blend!  We began serving the blend only at our local cafés. The response for our iced coffee was tremendous–so much that we had no choice but to start packaging this special blend.

As for why we call it the Never Summer blend…well that’s an easy one.  It’s because the blend is so refreshing that it never feels like a scorching KC summer when you’re drinking it!

Don’t have time to swing by one of our cafés to grab a Never Summer iced coffee? Don’t worry! Making iced coffee at home is super easy.  Here’s how:

  • Buy a bag of the Never Summer Blend in a coarse grind as if you were making it in a French press (or grind it at home for extra freshness!).
  • Next, you need to cold brew yourself some coffee concentrate. Do so by combining one pound of fresh grounds with 1.2 qts (38.4oz) of cold water and let it sit for about 14-15 hours. When time is up, filter out your grounds and presto! You have coffee concentrate.
  • Store it in your fridge and make your own iced coffee by mixing three parts cold water with one part concentrate. Add ice and forget about the heat of summer!

If you’re curious about how your homemade iced coffee matches up to the original, you’re always welcome to swing by one of our cafés to compare. While you’re there, try some of our other summer drinks like Shatto lemonade, iced mochas, iced lattes, coolers, or other iced coffee blends (one of our most popular is the Mocha Motion!)–it’d be a shame to waste a trip!

Don’t see your favorite summer coffee beverage on our menu? We want to know which one of our summer specialty coffee concoctions you’re looking to try!  Vote which one you’d like to taste on our Facebook poll. Better yet, if none of those meet your fancy, send us a creation of your own!