What’s So Special About Jamaican Joe?

When a product is so popular that people try to sell counterfeits, you know it’s pretty good.  That’s exactly what is happening with Jamaican Blue coffee.  Jamaican Blue Coffee (often called Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee) is a specialty coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.  The coffee has a unique, mild taste that is popular throughout the entire world (most notably in Japan!).  Because of its popularity and unique taste, Jamaican Blue Coffee is one of the only coffees that has a globally protected certification mark.  This means that only coffee certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica can be labeled as such.

But according to Paul Massard, our expert Q Grader here at The Roasterie, Jamaica sells 30% more Jamaican Blue beans than it produces.  Clearly someone out there is “faking” the quality of their beans by labeling it themselves as Jamaican Blue!

We have found out that most of this “fake” Jamaican Blue Coffee comes from Jamaica’s neighboring islands, which take advantage of the country’s loose regulations.  But that has not, and will not, seep its way into our plant here in Kansas City (we promise!).

You can rest assured knowing that our Roasterie Jamaican Blue is 100% authentic.  Actually, it’s that authenticity that makes this coffee so special.  Jamaican beans create one of the most well known niche or “fetish” coffees.  In fact, it wasn’t even represented in our original coffee lineup!

But due to its worldwide popularity, we knew we had to bring in Jamaican Blue beans to satisfy our coffee lovers’ cravings.  We currently get our delicious (and certified!) Jamaican Blue coffee beans from a small farm called Mavis Bank on Jamaica’s 7,400-foot-high Blue Mountain.  This is exactly where we at The Roasterie find the Jamaican Blue coffee beans that lead to the very smooth, balanced coffee with heavy body and light acidity.

Our Jamaican coffee: it’s not for everyone, but its devotees are fiercely loyal.

Don’t be shy—give your cup of Joe a Jamaican twist! If you come to find that Jamaican Blue is not for you, we are positive that one of our other coffees from 30 different countries will get your morning off to the best start possible!